Attention all playing or potential Pipers and Drummers. RAF Cosford now has a full time Pipe Major appointed to form a Pipes and Drums within RAF Cosford.

This will allow RAF Cosford to have an established Pipe Band and further enhance and promote Piping and Drumming within the RAF and the wider community.

Piping and Drumming has a very firm tradition within the RAF, going back virtually to the formation of the Service. The RAF Pipes and Drums regularly combine to represent the RAF in State Ceremonial and other major public events within the UK and abroad, gaining an increasingly high profile and being held in high regard across the wider Piping community.

The Pipes and Drums have played at many high-profile events around the world including The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Jools Holland Hootenany (New year programme) and International Tattoo’s in Basel, Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington.

Within the Station, Staff (Military or Civilian) or Students, if there are any playing Pipers or Drummers, or anyone wanting to learn the Pipes or Drums to be part of, and continue, this long standing tradition, Please contact PMaj (WO) Stuart Mackenzie.