Over the last year a newly formed Green ASTRA Pillar has come together at RAF Cosford. It’s our mission to raise awareness of the issues associated with Climate Change and consider new initiatives that help us to improve Cosford’s carbon footprint – like the rest of Defence we have a legal requirement to be NetZero by 2050. 

The Green Team already have a few projects underway including: regeneration of the Conservation Area; acquisition of 2 allotments; securing the future of our station bees and looking at ways of reducing single use plastic (hot drinks cups in particular).

The Conservation Area has fallen into disrepair over the last few years with nettles taking over, fallen birdboxes and the pond full of algae. We are planning to resurrect the Conservation Club and bring this area back to its former glory. Once completed, this space will be a haven for wildlife and humans alike, offering a quiet place for reflection. With meandering paths through wildflowers, log piles and complementary seating, all personnel and their families will be welcome to enjoy this peaceful retreat. Want to get involved? Get in touch!

Conscious that a growing interest in gardening and allotments may have left ‘livers in’ behind, we were keen to include everybody. Two allotments have now been secured for our project, and generously funded by Station to get the plots up and running with ease. These plots will be available to a community of people who want to grow their own veg, cost free, risk free. Want to grow your own fresh vegetables? Get in touch!

Bees are a keystone species, and most people will be aware that losing them will result in the death of most life. The Conservation has an active beehive, but it isn’t currently managed. To ensure their survival, and to help them thrive, we want to create a Bee Club at Cosford. They are fascinating creatures, and the more you learn about them, the easier it is to love them. If you have an interest in Bees, or want to start learning about them, get in touch!

If you have been at Cosford since before COVID, you may remember the overflowing bins in the Oak and Apprentice village….disposable cups. You may not know, but despite going to recycling plants, the innocent looking cups can not be recycled unless they go to a specialised service that remove the plastic liner. The easiest way to reduce waste is to use your own mugs, widely available in all retailers, and even bagging you a discount at the till! We are working with the onsite retailers to help encourage less waste. Watch this space in coming months for events and offers!

There are so many more ways we can reduce the carbon footprint, both personally and professionally. There is no limit to the number of ideas needed to do this work, and ASTRA encourages everyone to get creative and be innovative. 

Do you have an idea, but need some support to get it going? Not sure if your idea is viable? Get in touch with the Green Team and we can work with and support you to see it through.

The time is now. We can’t undo the damage already done but we can change our behaviour and adapt as we prepare for our future. Watch this space for ongoing updates regarding all our projects over the coming years.