Every year Wolverhampton Rotary Club organises a charity event called Best Foot Forward. The event is held to raise money for local charities but it is an event with a difference…

In order for the money to be released to the charities, volunteers must run around the 400m track at Aldersley Leisure Village, and for every lap completed £1 is released from the charity pot. This year the target pot was £12,325 which was reached by early afternoon.

Amongst many other volunteers, six teams from No1 School of Technical Training and No1
Radio School at Royal Air Force Cosford took part in the event. Between them they ran a phenomenal 658 miles. Everyone involved from RAF Cosford put in an exceptional effort, to the point where the organisers ran out of certificates for participants completing 50+ laps! A special mention must go to Aircraftman Limbu who completed an incredible 20 miles in 3.5 hours.

A great effort from everyone involved.